Invisible Coaching – the art of natural coaching

Learn to think and act like a natural coach and you will improve your relationships and become more effective at work and at home.

You can learn Invisible Coaching® at home with our
multi-media home study e-courses
or by attending a live workshop.

Richard Winfield: course designer of Invisible CoachingAre you an entrepreneur, a manager, or a parent?

  • Would you like always to know what to say without having to think about it?
  • Would you like people to feel good about themselves when they are with you?

Think and act like a coach and you will be able to guide yourself and others through problem issues and develop self-confidence and self esteem.

Some people are natural coaches, and can be very effective without any training at all. Natural coaches seem always to get the best out of people. How do they do it? What is the key to their success?

Some people choose to undertake an intensive program of training in order to make coaching a career.

But what about everybody else?

  • If you deal with children, teenagers, parents – or a spouse
  • If you deal with employees, peers or bosses
  • If you deal with customers, sales people or public officials

Then, being able to think and act like a natural coach could significantly enrich your own life, as well as the lives of others.

Having taught managers and coaches in the UK, Europe, Middle East and Asia, I have become increasingly concerned to identify what managers actually need to know about coaching.

When I have asked myself how I coach, I realise that I don’t use the techniques that are regularly taught. I am driven by curiosity and a desire for the other person to learn.

Unless you wish to train as a professional coach, it is much more important to adopt the right mindset so that you think and behave like a natural coach, rather than to learn lots of technique.

The most subtle and effective coaching is invisible; the person being coached by a manager or parent should not be conscious of being coached – just more aware of issues and options, more open to change.

The most effective leadership is also subtle; it occurs when people act consistently in accord with clear and relevant values. This requires self knowledge and a personal sense of purpose.

As with coaching, leadership is not about skills; it is about congruence.

The most inspiring leaders are comfortable within themselves and congruent with their beliefs.

Leadership and coaching are relevant anywhere that influence is needed – whether it be in a business, home or social environment.

Coaching and leadership combine to create the most effective managers, teachers or parents

‘Invisible Coaching®’ and ‘Inspiring Leadership’ are two new programmes that take a brand new approach to developing leaders.

In six modules, you can learn the fundamental skills and discover the inner knowledge that are essential if you are to work congruently and effectively with others.

The modules are available individually in one, two or three day workshops, as an intensive five day programme, or as a multi-media home study e-course.

They are interactive, with plenty of opportunities for you to learn by coaching each other.

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Invisible coaching modules are available as
multi-media home study e-courses

If you represent a training or event company, or an organisation seeking to improve your own staff, we can provide these workshops, or we can train and license you to do so yourself.

I look forward to discussing how we can help you introduce Invisible Coaching® and Inspiring Leadership into your organisation. Contact me now.

Richard Winfield – Course Designer

You can read about the first module here: Coaching on a Credit Card®.

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