Inspiring Leadership

The Inspiring Leadership program is designed to help individuals gain a deeper insight into their personality, natural talent and communication style.

It provides a structure for creating or refining a formal vision, mission and values proposition that will generate charisma and form the foundation for future behaviour and choices.

Understanding self then leads to understanding others and how to interact with them.

Inspiring Leadership is designed to follow and complement the Invisible Coaching workshops but can also form a free standing program in its own right.

The Inspiring Leadership program is an opportunity to learn: -

  • about yourself, your personality and talents
  • about others and how to communicate with different styles
  • about the systems and networks in which you operate
  • how to leverage your talents and who to collaborate with
  • how to inspire others and motivate

In addition, participants are challenged to take back their power and commit to raising their game to transform themselves, others and society.

Who should attend?

These workshops are suitable for any individual with responsibility for the performance of others. In particular, they are designed for: -

  • Entrepreneurs, chief executives and other senior executives
  • Managers in organisations who lead teams
  • High potential executives (high fliers)
  • Parents with young children or teenagers

Understanding Self

This workshop starts with an introduction to the mind, the aspects of the inner context in which we all operate, and ends with creating a comprehensive personal mission statement that can be used as the benchmark for future decisions and achievements.

Interacting with Others

In this workshop we introduce personality types and explore the various environments in which participants operate. We show them how to design a strategy for building more positive support networks and leveraging talents through collaboration.

The Process of Change

In this final workshop participants learn about change; both how to move themselves towards their chosen goals and full potential, and how to inspire others and lead high performing teams.

They create, an action plan in which they commit to taking back their power and raising their game to transform themselves and others, and leave a worthwhile legacy.


At the end of this programme, participants will have a deep understanding of themselves, what they want in life and how to influence and inspire others. They will be seen to act consistently and authentically, and with purpose.

They will have addressed their beliefs, their values, and their emotional baggage. They will have acquired a high level of self knowledge and will have resolved personal issues and ‘hot buttons’ that could interfere in relationships and undermine their competence as either coach or leader.

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