Sailing the Seven Seas

Sailing the Seven Seas™ is module two of Invisible Coaching® – the art of natural coaching.

Sailing the Seven Seas™ puts the skills of an effective coach into the context of a simple coaching model that introduces the seven supporting principles behind effective coaching.

Coaching is about raising awareness and clarifying and setting goals.

Coaching is effective if you first build connection by agreeing the rules and building rapport.

Coaching should be undertaken in a context of caring. Caring about the process and caring for the wellbeing of your client.

Next, you achieve clarity by asking precision questions.

All coaching should be driven by curiosity, so that the process becomes a shared journey of exploration in which unexpected discoveries are facilitated and welcomed.

Sometimes the coach should challenge the client. Either challenge the substance of a response, or challenge the client to take a risk or seek a more stretching goal.

Confidence has two applications; confidentiality of the content and confidence of the coach in both the process and the ability of the client.

Finally commitment. The coach must be fully committed to the process and the success of the client. And the client must be prepared to commit to the the outcome and any goals that are set.

We anchor commitment with an eight question success strategy, whcih can also be used for delegating, planning and running meetings.

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